Research Experience in BME lab

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Research Technician
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Part Time
Emory University HSRB building
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The Buckley Lab in the joint Emory University/Georgia Institute of Technology Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Emory University Department of Pediatrics is seeking a highly motivated masters or PhD student. This opening is available ASAP for a candidate with a strong background in computer science and machine learning.

Project: The brain relies on adequate blood flow for normal neurological function. In disease or after injury (stroke, TBI, etc.), abnormalities of brain blood flow can be a powerful diagnostic and/or prognostic biomarker. Our lab is developing a technique known as diffuse correlation spectroscopy (DCS), which is a low-cost optical modality that uses to near-infrared light to non-invasively measure blood flow in the brain. The technique relates measured changes in detected light intensity at the tissue surface to blood flow properties of the underlying tissue. Unfortunately, because detected light has traveled through brain as well as skull/scalp, the measured blood flow can be significantly confounded by skull and scalp. In preliminary simulations, we have shown that isolation of the contribution of our blood flow signal that arises from the brain can be achieved with an artificial neural net trained on simulated data. This project will further develop and optimize our deep learning analysis approach to estimate brain blood flow with diffuse correlation spectroscopy.

Qualifications: The successful candidate must have at least 20 hours/week to devote to research. Experience in programming (Python, MATLAB, etc.) along with basic experience in machine learning is required.

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Buckley Lab @ GT/Emory Department of BME
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Interested candidates should submit a CV by email to Dr. Erin Buckley (
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Erin Buckley
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Thursday, March 21, 2019
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Bachelor’s Degree