memeois is hiring a Systems Architect

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Systems Architect
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Full Time
Atlanta, GA
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memeois is an AI-driven dedicated meme platform! 😮we are a CREATE-X startup, a Georgia Tech entrepreneurial program that has produced some of the best startups in Atlanta.


as we continue to grow, with ~140k active users voluming over 40M memes —  we are looking for awesome Tech students to join us in the meme revolution.


role: systems architect


what are we looking for?


✅prior experience with Ruby on Rails for web applications. *think, are you confident, that I can get anything done in a RoR web app*


✅prior experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) stack for building web applications, deploying, data storage and management.


✅*know* SQL database and don't drop table users;


✅+++ if you know implementing ML models in code


job duties


- you'll be working on the production server (bonus points if you can make things get on "it's intern season"


- manage, build and optimize RESTful APIs


- working through a dev-ops process and making things be the right way, "you know it if you know it"


- maintain project speed and *very fast* deadlines

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Please reach out at if you're interested or even just to say hi :)
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Anushk Mittal
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Start Date: 
Monday, March 25, 2019
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