Minor in Computing & Information Internetworks

General Requirements:

  • CS 1331 must be completed with an “A” or “B” before applying for the Minor in Computing & Information Internetworks
  • In order to be accepted into the CS minor program, you must have a minimum of 48 credit hours remaining (not including CS 1331 and required minor coursework) in your major degree requirements, as seat availability in CS classes is limited
  • The spring 2019 CS minor application has now closed. All spring 2019 CS minor interest meetings have now ended. No interest meetings are held during the summer. Fall 2019 interest meeting dates will be posted by Phase II registration along with the online CS minor application. For Phase I & II registration questions, please visit our Registration Information page.
  • Only CS courses are included in the minor

  • All courses must be completed with a letter-grade of “C” or better
  • 9 hours must be 3000/4000 level
  • Course prerequisites are not a part of the minor; it is the student’s responsibility to account for all required prerequisites understanding that they are also subject to change
  • No Special Problems or Internship coursework may be used towards any CS minor
  • Computational Media, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Engineering majors cannot minor in Computing & Information Internetworks

CS 1331 is the prerequisite course for the minor, i.e. must be taken but not included in the 17-18 hours

Required Courses:

  • CS 2110 Computer Organization and Programming, 4
  • CS 2200 Computer Systems and Networks, 4
  • Pick 2 from Introduction to Information Management (below):
    • CS 3251 Computer Networking I, 3
    • CS 4235 Introduction to Information Security, 3
    • CS 4400 Introduction to Database Systems, 3
  • Pick 1 from Advanced Information Management (below):
    • Remaining Course from Intro Info Mgmt pick, 3
    • CS 4237 Computer and Network Security, 3
    • CS 4251 Computer Networking II, 3
    • CS 4255 Introduction to Network Management, 3
    • CS 4261 Mobile Applications and Services for Converged Networks, 3 
    • CS 4270 Data Communications Laboratory, 3
    • CS 4365 Introduction to Enterprise Computing, 3
    • CS 4420 Database System Implementation, 3
    • CS 4440 Emerging Database Technologies and Applications, 3
    • CS 4675 Internet Computing Systems, Services, and Applications, 3

Total hours to receive minor: 17 hours

* All courses are not consistently offered; See http://www.cc.gatech.edu/three-year-course-outline