Minor in Computing & Systems and Architecture

General Requirements:

  • CS 1331 must be completed with an “A” or “B” before applying for the Minor in Computing & Systems and Architecture
  • In order to be accepted into the CS minor program, you must have a minimum of 48 credit hours remaining (not including CS 1331 and required minor coursework) in your major degree requirements, as seat availability in CS classes is limited
  • Only CS courses are included in the minor
  • All courses must be completed with a letter-grade of “C” or better
  • 9 hours must be 3000/4000 level
  • Course prerequisites are not a part of the minor; it is the student’s responsibility to account for all required prerequisites understanding that they are also subject to change
  • No Special Problems or Internship coursework may be used towards any CS minor
  • Computational Media majors cannot minor in Computing & Systems and Architecture

CS 1331 is the prerequisite course for the minor, i.e. must be taken but not included in the 17-18 hours

Required Courses:

  • CS 2110 Computer Organization and Programming, 4
  • CS 2200 Computer Systems and Networks, 4
  • CS 3210 Design of Operating Systems, 3
  • CS 3220 Computer Structures, 3
  • Pick 1 CS course from Advanced Systems & Architectures OR System Software Tools (below):
    • Advanced Systems & Architectures Options:
      • CS 4210 Advanced Operating Systems, 3
      • CS 4220 Programming Embedded Systems, 3
      • CS 4290 Advanced Computer Organization, 3
    • System Software Tools Options:
      • CS 3300 Introduction to Software Engineering, 3
      • CS 4240 Compilers, Interpreters, and Program Analyzers, 3

Total hours to receive minor: 17 hours

For Phase I & II registration questions, please visit our Registration Information page. 

All courses are not consistently offered. See http://www.cc.gatech.edu/three-year-course-outline.