GVU Center Fall Research Showcase

Advance program

We are living in the future. Computing technology that was once the stuff of science fiction occupies our daily lives and is integrated into our work and leisure. The GVU Center at Georgia Tech is on the cutting edge of advancing that future through the use of computing methods and technology that will be able to further human pursuits.

We invite you to the GVU Center Research Showcase on Oct. 21 to explore the innovations that will signal how we interact with the next generation of technology. Explore more than 100 technology demonstrations including those with breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, visualization techniques for business, wearable interfaces, social computing insights, human-computer collaborations and much more. 

Let us show you a peek of what the future may bring next. Join us in the Technology Square Research Building, Oct. 21, 2-5 p.m., for the GVU Center Research Showcase. Register for free at https://gvufallresearchshowase.eventbrite.com

With more than 50 labs and six affiliated research center partners, the GVU Center at Georgia Tech explores the technology habits of people, engineers new computing methods and builds original computing interfaces. Learn more about our research at gvu.gatech.edu.