Randall, Liu Take on Leadership Roles for ATL Conferences

This month Atlanta will host a pair of computing-related conferences that have School of Computer Science faculty in their planning committees.

Dana Randall, the ADVANCE Professor of Computing who also directs the Algorithms & Randomness Center, is the co-chair of the scientific organizing committee for this week’s SIAM Conference on Discrete Mathematics. This bi-annual conference spans topics including combinatorics, graph theory and connections to related fields, and is one of the largest and most prominent conferences in discrete mathematics. 

“This is a very exciting time for discrete mathematics,” Randall said. This year’s conference has heavy Georgia Tech involvement; several faculty members and current and former students have organized workshops or will present results. Lutz Warnke, an incoming Georgia Tech faculty member, will be awarded the Dénes König Prize at the conference.

After the SIAM Conference, Professor Ling Liu will serve as the co-general chair for the 40th Annual IEEE Computer Society International Conference on Computers, Software and Applications (COMPSAC), where College of Computing Dean Zvi Galil will present opening remarks on June 11.

“We are entering a world in which billions of devices are globally connected,” said Liu. “The gap between the cyber and physical world is rapidly shrinking, which poses many new challenges and opportunities in computer science.”

Following both Atlanta events, Professor Calton Pu will serve as co-program chair for the 5th Annual IEEE International Congress on Big Data, a flagship global forum for Big Data research and development.

Hosted at Georgia State University in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, June 6-10, the SIAM Conference on Discrete Mathematics is the second major SIAM conference Randall has organized. She previously chaired the program committee of the SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms in 2011. 

IEEE COMPSAC and IEEE International Congress on Big Data will take place respectively in Atlanta, June 10-14, and in San Francisco, June 27-July 2.

For additional information about these events, please use the links provided.

SIAM Conference on Discrete Mathematics 


IEEE International Congress on Big Data


Devin M. Young