IC Professor Tucker Balch Serves on Advisory Board at G7 Conference in Italy

School of Interactive Computing Professor Tucker Balch was tapped by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to advise the G7 on artificial intelligence policy. He presented the United States at a G7 conference in Turin, Italy, Sept. 24-26.

He and four other U.S. innovators advised the conference on artificial intelligence, big data, and the future of work. The objective for the panel was to recommend policy addressing the multiple challenges innovators face that cannot be addressed only at a national level.

The I-7 Innovators’ Strategic Advisory Board on People-Centered Innovation, the engagement group Balch supported, was launched last May during the G7 Summit in Taormina. The group, which was created as an experiment proposed by the Italian G7 Presidency, is in charge of providing guidance on emerging innovation issues. Each country and the European Union have designated their own group of experts.

Balch teaches courses in robotics, artificial intelligence, and finance. He is also chief scientists at financial technology startup Lucena Research, Inc. Lucena is an investment software firm that focuses on machine learning and big data solutions for hedge funds and large financial institutions. Balch has published over 120 articles in artificial intelligence.