College of Computing Releases Detailed Look at its Global Impact

The College of Computing has developed and released GT Computing 2017, a comprehensive look at the state of the College and its ongoing global impact.

“If there’s a field of scientific endeavor that’s having more impact on humankind right now than computing, I’d like to know what it is,” said John P. Imlay Jr. Dean of Computing Zvi Galil.

“As you well know, computing today is a driving force – indeed, often the driving force – behind nearly every consequential decision that’s made in the world.”

More than an annual report, GT Computing 2017 is an in-depth look at how Georgia Tech is leading computing education into the future. It highlights the College’s research success and offers insight into the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that is driving ever-greater numbers of students and faculty.

A print version of the report will be distributed at events throughout the upcoming year. The online version – linked above in this story – features added content including brief videos that further illustrate GT Computing’s global reach and impact.

“This report gives a real sense of the sheer scope and quality of our research and educational enterprise,” said Galil.

“We are growing like never before in our history, and our job is to leverage that growth and maximize the potential impact of all those thousands of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and others who together make up GT Computing.”


Albert B. Snedeker, Communications Manager