Students Discuss Corporate Responsibility with Chicago Mayor

ThinkChicago event

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and a group of business leaders were in Atlanta last week visiting students at local higher ed institutions.

Following stops at Spelman College and Morehouse College, the Windy City contingent visited Georgia Tech to meet with a group of students from the colleges of Computing and Engineering.

One of the key topics of discussion was corporate responsibility.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel talks with Georgia Tech students at recent event

“The biggest challenge every mayor of a global city has is figuring out how an economy that has so much promise can also address all of the peril that’s right next store,” Emanuel said replying to a student question.

“We want to make sure companies are not just writing a check to charity to clear their conscience, but that they are actually doing something for the community.”

More than 50 students were invited to attend the event, held March 8 in the Wardlaw Building.

“It was a delightful experience,” said second-year computer science student Anushk Mittal. “Connecting with business leaders in Chicago doesn’t happen every day unless you’re at Georgia Tech.”

Georgia Tech recently welcomed Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

ThinkChicago, which promotes Chicago’s tech industry, sponsored the event. Along with a Q&A with Mayor Emanuel, the session included opening remarks from Dean of Computing Zvi Galil, and a roundtable discussion between students and Chicago business leaders.


Albert Snedeker, Communications Manager