New App Lets Users Create, Place 3D Memes in the World Around Them

Anushk Mittal Memeois World App

GT Computing student and app developer Anushk Mittal.

All the world’s a canvas... at least for memes created through a new augmented reality (AR) app developed at Georgia Tech.

Unlike Snapchat and similar AR apps that apply filters primarily to images of the user, Memeois World focuses on the user and the space around them.

The app is the first of its kind that lets users create original 3D memes and virtually place them on a wall, on a building, in the sky, or just about anywhere else in their immediate environment. To date, nearly 10,000 AR memes have been created and shared using the Memeois World app.

Expression beyond plain text

“My vision is to enable communication through the use of augmented reality,” said third-year computer science major Anushk Mittal. “Memes are a fun and effective way to express yourself beyond the constraints of regular text. This app lets you take advantage of the world around you to create contextual 3D memes.”

To create an AR meme, the user opens the app and then selects a space through the app viewer. Using their finger, the user writes a message on the screen or selects from a library of more than a million existing memes, which is then virtually transferred to the space they have chosen.

Users can take photos or make videos and GIFs of the meme in the space around them to share with friends or post on social media. Viewers do not need the app to see the AR memes shared with them.

Sharing meme worlds

For the meme creators however, using the app “is like your own virtual meme world, a world full of 3D memes and meme posters,” Mittal said. “The memes stay there until you delete them so you can launch the app and see your creation any time you are in that area.”

The next step for Memeois World, according to Mittal, is to create shared meme worlds.

“Ideally, users will be alerted when they are near memes created by their friends. They will be able to open their phones, see the meme, and even add to it. It’s like Pokémon Go, but for memes,” Mittal said.

Memeois World was developed using Apple’s ARkit and builds on Mittal’s previous work. He and his collaborator, fourth-year computer science major Joshua Wang, created an app called Memeois that uses machine learning to curate memes based on personal interests.

Memeois garnered Mittal and Wang a spot in the 2017 InVenture Prize competition. Mittal also earned an opportunity to work with Create-X, Georgia Tech’s faculty-led, student-focused startup incubator.


Albert Snedeker, Communications Manager