Corporate Affiliates Program Paying Off for GT Computing Students

Google recruiter at GT Computing Career Fair

Jessie Newman, Google software engineer and GT Computing alumna (BS CS 13), talks to a student during a recent career fair. Google is one of the College's top five corporate affiliates program (CAP) partners hiring GT Computing graduates for the last two years.

Last week, more than 160 corporate recruiting teams participated in the Fall 2018 College of Computing Career Fair. Nearly one-third of these companies are members of the College’s corporate affiliates program (CAP).

The College’s CAP connects GT Computing undergraduate and graduate students with corporate partners in a variety of industries. These companies rely on highly skilled computer science and computational media talent to meet their business needs.

With 62 partners currently enrolled in the program, CAP is paying off for GT Computing students. In fact, 155 of the 553 recent graduates completing a career survey reported employment with CAP partners.

What sets Georgia Tech students apart?

According to GT Computing Director of Development Brad Hastings, this is exactly how CAP is supposed to work.

“It’s a true win-win situation. Our corporate partners get to expand their recruiting pipelines through increased access to our students and young alumni.”

“Along with being well-positioned for internships and career opportunities with our partners, our students benefit because the program connects them with their peers in industry to better understand the real world issues and challenges they can expect to face once they graduate,” Hastings said.

The top CAP partners hiring GT Computing graduates for the last two years are:

  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • The Home Depot
  • Capital One
  • Salesforce
  • NCR

Along with corporate giants, CAP is appealing to up and coming companies as well. One of 12 companies to sign up for the program in the past year, Nearshore Technology was recently named to Inc. magazine’s list of fastest growing IT system development companies.

“Being a CAP partner allows Nearshore to develop long-term relationships with College of Computing faculty and students, and to stay at the forefront of technological trends in our industry,” said Yancy Riddle, Nearshore chief operations officer and Georgia Tech alum (Ph.D. MSE 00).

“It is a strategically important relationship for us.”


Albert Snedeker, Communications Manager