Startup Teams Set For Create-X Demo Day at Fox Theatre

2019 Create-X Demo Day banner

This summer on Georgia Tech's campus, aspiring entrepreneurs began pursuing their dreams of creating companies and services by participating in CREATE-X's 12-week S­tartup Launch Program.

Now, these entrepreneurs – nearly 20 percent of which are Georgia Tech computer science (CS) majors ­– are set to showcase their work this week during Create-X Demo Day, which is being held at Atlanta’s famed Fox Theatre.

JOhn Imlay Jr Series on Entrepreneurship at GT Computing

Of the 40 teams showcasing their work, 17 teams feature CS majors. In fact, four of the teams are made up exclusively of CS students, including Board Off and Pelori (B2B), BUTI Diners (Hospitality), and Edicratic (Education). The event is set for Thursday, from 4:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., and is open to the public.

CREATE-X teams are a mix of GT students, alumni, current local business owners, and other university students. Read below about two teams with GT Computing students and their aspirations to meet market demands in retail and personal finance.

Screenshot of data viz highlighting GT Computing students participating in the 2019 Create-X Demo Day 

Click this interactive data viz. to learn more about GT Computing students participating in this week's Create-X Demo Day at the Fox Theatre. (Data visualization courtesy of the GVU Center)

Student Startup Brings New Customer Insights to Brick and Mortar Stores

The online advantage for retailers is obvious. Website analytics and transactional data allow e-commerce retailers to know exactly how their customers shop.

Atlanta's Ponce City Market

To help level the playing field, a startup company created by Georgia Tech students is piloting a new technology with several businesses in Ponce City Market that provides much of the same customer insight information to brick and mortar retailers.

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New Mobile App Makes a Game of Saving for a Rainy Day

According to a survey done earlier this year by a national bank, nearly 1 in 4 Americans don't put any money into a savings account from their paychecks, while almost half of the survey respondents said they only have access to enough money to cover general expenses for 0 to 3 months.

MoneyPie App

To help these and other people better prepare for a proverbial "rainy day," a group of Georgia Tech student entrepreneurs has created MoneyPie, a new mobile app that turns saving money into a fun social activity for friends, families, or other groups wanting to work together to achieve a savings goal.

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Josh Preston, Research Communications Manager
GVU Center and College of Computing