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George Riley

I am a Ph.D. student in the Networking and Telecommunications Group of in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. My current research includes creating distributed simulations of telecommunications networks, using potentially non-homogenous simulation frameworks. We are also looking at issues relating to multicast join and leave semantics as they relate to the pruning and grafting of the multicast routing tree.

I'm blessed with a wonderful family.
My wife of over fourteen years, Kris Nagel (a research scientist here at Georgia Tech and part-time PhD Student)
My daughter Jenn Riley who recently received a Master's degree in Musicology from Indiana University, and is working at the Music Library at IU.
My son Pat Riley who is a PhD Student Carnegie Mellon University (studying computer science of course),
My son Michael Riley who is a fifthgrader at Oak Grove Elementary School in Dekalb County Ga. (the picture here is somewhat out of date..that's him as a Kindergartener)
My son Matthew Riley who is 3 years old.
Our dog Scooter who is 16 years old (picture to be supplied). (I regret to add that Scooter passed away recently)
Our latest addition, a new puppy Benson (picture to be supplied).


Professional History:

I had a long and rewarding career in industry before returning to school to get a PhD.

Contact Information:

College of Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332-0280

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