Welcome to the pixi lab! The pixi lab is a group of researchers at the GVU Center at Georgia Tech who are exploring the boundaries between interaction and infrastructure. We take a human-centered approach to our research, by understanding the needs and practices of people through empirical methods, designing compelling user experiences that fit that context, and then building the underlying systems and networking infrastructure necessary to realize that user experience. We are dedicated to creating technology that is not simply usable but also useful.

Members of our group come from diverse backgrounds, including design, networking, and information security. We believe that deep problems require broad interdisciplinary collaboration to solve.

Our current project portfolio is focused around creating new technologies that expand the ability of people to interact with the increasingly complex technology around them. For example, we are developing new methods to simplify home network management and troubleshooting. We are also exploring how to create security technologies that are more useful and usable by ordinary people.

Please check out our projects page to learn more about our work.

Meets Interaction

The best user experiences are delivered not just through good user interface design. Rather, they require co-design of the application layer as well as the underlying systems infrastructure. Coming up with usable security technologies, for example, is more than a “skin deep” problem: you can’t just layer a veneer of user interface atop a system that fundamentally exposes unusable metaphors and abstractions.


Our mandate is to reach below the application layer, to understand how technical design decisions at the infrastructure impact the user experience and, conversely, how to design infrastructure so that it delivers a desirable user experience in the first place.

Our current project portfolio is focused largely around new technologies that provide new approaches for interacting with complex technology in the home and office settings.