Gabriel awarded Google PhD Fellowship, Intel PhD Fellowship

Gabriel has been awarded and subsequently accepted a Google PhD Fellowship in Wearable Computing. He was also awarded the Intel PhD Fellowship, but had to decline due to overlapping coverage.

Christina awarded NSF-GRFP

Christina has been awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

Keith Elected to the CHI Academy!

Keith Edwards has been elected to the ACM CHI Academy for 2014. The CHI Academy is an “honorary group of individuals who have made substantial contributions to the field of human-computer interaction. These are the principal leaders of the field, whose efforts have shaped the disciplines and/or industry, and led the research and/or innovation in human-computer interaction.” Keith will be recognized at an awards dinner at CHI 2014 in Toronto.

Pixi Lab Members Explore in CHI 2014 Paper

Christina Masden, Catherine Grevet, Beki Grinter, Eric Gilbert, and Keith Edwards explore, a social media system designed to support local neighborhoods. Check out the paper, “Tensions in Scaling Up Community Social Media: A Multi-Neighborhood Study of,” which will appear at CHI 2014.

Formative work on uCap to be presented at CHI 2012

Marshini’s paper “You’re Capped” Understanding the Effects of Broadband Caps on Broadband Use in the Home will be presented at the upcoming CHI conference in Austin, TX.

The study of how households in South Africa manage bandwidth caps showed that people have a hard time tracking their balance and understanding what or who is using up their bandwidth. This work informed the design of uCap, a tool to help households track, share, and manage bandwidth caps in their homes. A field study on uCap is planned for Summer 2012 – stay tuned for updates.

LiquidText Spun Off as Startup

LiquidText, Inc. has been created to commercialize the LiquidText multitouch reading technology created by Craig Tashman’s as part of his dissertation research. The company will be bringing the technology to the iPad, and hopefully to other platforms in the future.

Gabriel will co-chair UIST 2012 Student Innovation Contest

Gabriel will serve as co-chair of the UIST 2012 Student Innovation Contest, along with Julia Schwarz (CMU) and Kayur Patel (UW)! Gabriel competed in the UIST 2011 Student Innovation Contest in Santa Barbara CA with fellow GT grad students.

uCap system demo accepted at SIGCOMM 2011

Marshini demo-ed the uCap system with Hyojoon Kim and Srikanth Sundaresan from the GTNoise group. The system was well received and many conference attendees were excited about monitoring and managing bandwidth in a more user friendly manner. Our lab is continuing to collaborate with GTNoise to develop uCap into a robust deployable system.

Making Reading Better: LiquidText Software Supports Active Reading through Fingertip Manipulation of Text in Documents

Two papers published on LiquidText at CHI 2011 in Vancouver. Learn more here

Pixi Lab home networking research featured in CACM

Our research on home networking is featured in the June, 2011 issue of Communications of the ACM, the flagship publication of the Association of Computing Machinery.