LiquidText: A Flexible, Multitouch Environment to Support Active Reading

C. Tashman, W.K. Edwards, “LiquidText: A Flexible, Multitouch Environment to Support Active Reading.” In Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computer Systems (CHI 2011). Vancouver, Canada. May 7-12, 2011

Article about collaboration with IBM Reserach

IBM Research has posted an article about the collaboration with Chris and Keith to build the Community Resource Messenger. We have been working with IBM since mid-2009 to develop the system which has been in the field since Feb 2010.

Pixi Lab wins NSF Infrastructure award

The Pixi Lab has been awarded a National Science Foundation Computing Research Infrastructure Award: CNS-1059350, “Collaborative Research: Measurement Infrastructure for Home Networks.” Keith Edwards (Co-PI), along with Nick Feamster (PI, Georgia Tech) and Ken Calvert (Co-PI, University of Kentucky), have received $545,357 to create and deploy a “home network data recorder” to collect a variety of home network metrics across the U.S., with the goal of informing both policy and technical research.

Pixi Lab receives Intel Research funding

Keith has recently received $80,000 in unrestricted funds, plus in-kind hardware support, from Intel for support of Pixi Lab Home Networking Research. The project, “Understanding Current User Practices in Device-Rich Social Settings,” will explore end-user behavior in the home environment by monitoring aspects of home network usage.

Craig Wins GeorgiaTech Research & Innovation Conference

Congratulations to Craig, who is the GTRIC 2011 Innovation Prize Winner for his work and presentation of LiquidText!

Derek Joins Ontario College of Art and Design as Assistant Professor

Congratulations to Derek for taking on the post of Associate Professor at the Ontario College of Art and Design as a member of the Digital Futures Initiative!

Keith co-organizes CCC/CRA workshop on Ultra-scale social interaction

The workshop brought together academic and industrial researchers from around the country and Canada to begin setting a long term agenda around enabling interaction at ultra-large scales.

Keith delivers keynote at SIGCOMM Homenets Workshop

Keith gave the keynote, “Human-Network Interaction: Building Bridges Between HCI and Networking Research,” at the First SIGCOMM Homenets workshop, in New Delhi, India.

Two papers at UIST 2010

The Pixi Lab will have two papers appearing at UIST 2010 in New York this fall: Jeonghwa’s work on the Eden home networking management system, and the work of Derek and crew on the TwinSpace architecture for cross-reality interaction.

Two Papers at SIGCOMM HomeNets

Pixi Lab researchers (and alums) have had two papers accepted at the First SIGCOMM Workshop on Home Networking (HomeNets 2010), in New Delhi in August. Please see them here and here.