Category People

Jonathan Bunde-Pedersen

PhD HCI from Aarhus University in Denmark

Puja Verma

MS HCI 2008, now at Yahoo

Jeonghwa Yang

PhD HCI 2009, now at Sungkyunkwan University

Lawrence Jarvis

Lawrence Jarvis is an undergraduate researcher.

Umayr Hassan

Umayr Hassan is a master’s student whose research goal is to understand and to help develop software systems, especially networks, focusing on performance, security and usability. I am/was recently working on the following projects: Home networking, Cluster computing, Inter-domain routing.

Craig Tashman

Craig TashmanCraig is a fifth year HCI doctoral student. Since coming to Tech, his research has focused on window management tools, UI’s for supporting task management, and visualizations for usable security. He has also done work in volumetric image generation and image compression. Personal Web Page >>

Jennifer Stoll

Jennifer StollJennifer is an HCC PhD candidate. Her research interests are in security visualization for end-users. She is currently exploring how to use graphical system models and 3D virtual characters to inform user security decisions and actions. Personal Web Page >>

Erika Shehan Poole

Erika Shehan PooleErika Shehan Poole was married at a rockin’ ceremony on October 27, 2007.

Personal Web Page >>

Christopher A. Le Dantec

Christopher A. Le DantecChristopher Le Dantec is an HCC Ph.D. candidate. His primary interest is in studying the social impact of technology and he is currently on the job market for research positions (industrial or academic). Personal Web Page >>

Niels Raabjerg Mathiasen

Neils Raabjerg Mathiasen

Niels is a visiting PhD student from Aarhus University in Denmark. His research interests are IT security from an HCI perspective and how to design for a secure user experience with IT security.