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Pixi Lab wins NSF Infrastructure award

The Pixi Lab has been awarded a National Science Foundation Computing Research Infrastructure Award: CNS-1059350, “Collaborative Research: Measurement Infrastructure for Home Networks.” Keith Edwards (Co-PI), along with Nick Feamster (PI, Georgia Tech) and Ken Calvert (Co-PI, University of Kentucky), have received $545,357 to create and deploy a “home network data recorder” to collect a variety of home network metrics across the U.S., with the goal of informing both policy and technical research.

Computer Help at Home: Methods and Motivations for Informal Technical Support

Erika S. Poole, M. Chetty, T. Morgan, B. E. Grinter, W. K. Edwards., “Computer Help at Home:Methods and Motivations for Informal Technical Support.” In CHI ‘09: Proceedings of the 27th international conference on Human factors in computing systems, April 2009.

Home Networking and HCI: What Hath God Wrought?

Erika Shehan and W. Keith Edwards. “Home Networking and HCI: What Hath God Wrought?” In, Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI’07). San Jose, CA. April 28-May 3, 2007.