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Formative work on uCap to be presented at CHI 2012

Marshini’s paper “You’re Capped” Understanding the Effects of Broadband Caps on Broadband Use in the Home will be presented at the upcoming CHI conference in Austin, TX.

The study of how households in South Africa manage bandwidth caps showed that people have a hard time tracking their balance and understanding what or who is using up their bandwidth. This work informed the design of uCap, a tool to help households track, share, and manage bandwidth caps in their homes. A field study on uCap is planned for Summer 2012 – stay tuned for updates.

Communicating with Caps: Managing Usage Caps in Home Networks

H. Kim, S. Sundaresan, M. Chetty, N. Feamster and W.K. Edwards. Communicating with Caps: Managing Usage Caps in Home Networks. Proceedings of SIGCOMM 2011. Toronto, Canada. August 15-19, 2011.

Advancing the State of Home Networking

W. Keith Edwards, Rebecca Grinter, Ratul Mahajan, David Wetherall. “Advancing the State of Home Networking.” Communications of the ACM, June 2011. pp. 62-71.

Pixi Lab home networking research featured in CACM

Our research on home networking is featured in the June, 2011 issue of Communications of the ACM, the flagship publication of the Association of Computing Machinery.

Pixi Lab receives Intel Research funding

Keith has recently received $80,000 in unrestricted funds, plus in-kind hardware support, from Intel for support of Pixi Lab Home Networking Research. The project, “Understanding Current User Practices in Device-Rich Social Settings,” will explore end-user behavior in the home environment by monitoring aspects of home network usage.

Keith delivers keynote at SIGCOMM Homenets Workshop

Keith gave the keynote, “Human-Network Interaction: Building Bridges Between HCI and Networking Research,” at the First SIGCOMM Homenets workshop, in New Delhi, India.

An Extensible Set-Top Box Platform for Home Media Applications

W. Keith Edwards, Mark W. Newman, Trevor F Smith, Jana Z. Sedivy, Shahram Izadi. “An Extensible Set-Top Box Platform for Home Media Applications,” In, IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, 51:4, November 2005. pp. 1175–1181.