UC Berkeley Group for User Interface Research
Updated November 17, 2000

UC Berkeley Group for User Interface Research

This is the Javadoc for most of the projects we are developing at the Group for User Interface Research (GUIR) at UC Berkeley.


edu.berkeley.guir.lib.awt Miscellaneous utilities for manipulating Java AWT and Swing events.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.awt.geom Tools for manipulating shapes and geometries.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.awt.image Utilities for manipulating images.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.collection Various collections that aren't provided by Java 1.2.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.db Package for storing and retrieving keys and values from disk.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.debugging Collection of useful debugging utilities.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.graphs Some simple graph utilities.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.introspect Collection of useful introspection utilities, including debugging output, XML output, and so on.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.io Utilities for manipulating non-graphical input and output.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.metrics Tools to evaluate various aspects of your source code.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.net Network-related tools and utilities.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.properties Intended to simplify task of creating simple, bound, constrained, and indexed properties in an extensible manner.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.satin Sketch and Transformational INfrastructure is a toolkit for creating informal sketch-based user interfaces.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.satin.command Contains Satin's undo, redo, and macro mechanisms.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.satin.event The event system in Satin.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.satin.graphics A wrapper for Graphics2D that provides more advanced functionality needed for Satin.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.satin.image Utilities for manipulating images in SATIN, and for converting SATIN graphical objects to Java images.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.satin.interpreter Interpreters control the state and behavior of a GraphicalObject.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.satin.interpreter.commands Set of interpreters to do standard commands.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.satin.interpreter.rubine Utilities for creating Interpreters that use Rubine's Recognizer.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.satin.interpreter.stroke Interpreters to manipulate strokes, such as merging nearby ones together.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.satin.objects The scenegraph objects for SATIN.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.satin.plaf Pen Look-And-Feel for Java Swing components.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.satin.recognizer Interfaces for recognizers in Satin.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.satin.stroke Contains the basic strokes used in Satin.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.satin.util Miscellaneous utilities used in SATIN.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.satin.view Views for GraphicalObjects.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.satin.watch An implementation of the Observer pattern.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.satin.widgets Java GUI widgets designed for pens.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.schema A way of specifying schemas in Java.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.util Hodgepodge of miscellaneous utilities.
edu.berkeley.guir.lib.web Miscellaneous web utilities, including a simple web browser.
edu.berkeley.guir.sketchyspice SketchySpice is a sketch-based tool for drawing simple EE circuit diagrams.


This is the Javadoc for most of the projects we are developing at the Group for User Interface Research (GUIR) at UC Berkeley. Our focus is on user interfaces and visualizations. Check out our research group's homepage to find out more about what we're doing.

If you want to download our group's shared libraries (all of the packages edu.berkeley.guir.lib.*), then check out the GUIRLib Java libraries homepage.

If you want to find out more about an individual project, or to download the source code for a project, then check out each project's homepage:

If you have any questions or comments, please email Jason Hong.

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