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Stephen Voida

paperpic missing   Ictus: A User-Centered System of Score Study for Novice Conductors
Ictus supports the study and preparation of musical scores by semi-novice conductors. It does so by representing the complex analytical processes in which professional conductors routinely engage. Through iterative design and prototyping and with feedback from expert conductors, we have developed a prototyped system for use as a learning tool. This paper presents a brief overview of the complexities of the conductor’s task, including the difficulties inherent in externalizing it; a description of the Ictus system; and a discussion of some of the feedback and forward-looking issues that have been raised.

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Mitchell, Amy; Voida, Stephen A.; Paradise, Jessica; Martin, Chris C. and Mynatt, Elizabeth D. "Ictus: A User-Centered System of Score Study for Novice Conductors." Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center Technical Report (GIT-GVU-00-08). Georgia Institute of Technology, 2000.

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