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Nikitas Liogkas

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paperpic missing   Automatic partitioning for prototyping ubiquitous computing applications
One of the main challenges facing ubiquitous computing research and development is the difficulty of writing software for complex, heterogeneous distributed applications. In this paper, we evaluate automatic application partitioning as an approach to rapid prototyping of ubiquitous computing systems. Our approach allows developers to largely ignore distribution issues when developing their applications, by providing tools for generating distribution code automatically, under user guidance. We claim that automatic partitioning is promising for a large class of ubiquitous computing applications and discuss an example ubicomp application re-engineered using our approach.

Full Reference:

Liogkas, N., MacIntyre, B., Mynatt E.D., Smaragdakis, Y., Tilevich, E. & Voida, S. (2004, July-September). Automatic partitioning for prototyping ubiquitous computing applications. IEEE Pervasive Computing, 3(3), 40-47.

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