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Three Angry Men

paperpic missing   Three Angry Men: Dramatizing Point-of-View using Augmented Reality
"Three Angry Men" is a novel augmented reality experience that explores the use of Augmented Reality (AR) as a dramatic medium. The user participates in an AR version of the famous twentieth-century play, "Twelve Angry Men," which for practical reasons we have abbreviated into a scene involving 3 characters (thus, "Three Angry Men"). The participant finds herself immersed in a physical jury-room, where virtual characters (jurors in the drama, rendered as video-based characters overlaid at appropriate 3D locations around the physical table using a seethrough head-worn display) debate the guilt of a young man on trial for murder.

Full Reference:

Blair MacIntyre, Jay Bolter, Jeannie Vaughan, Brendan Hannigan, Emanuel Moreno, Markus Haas, and Maribeth Gandy. "Three Angry Men: Dramatizing Point-of-View using Augmented Reality." In SIGGRAPH 2002 Technical Sketches, page 268, San Antonio, TX, July 2002.

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