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Three Angry Men

paperpic missing   Three Angry Men: An Augmented-Reality Experiment in Point-of-View Drama
"Three Angry Men" is an augmented reality experience, in which the user becomes a character in a radically abridged version of the play "Twelve Angry Men." The other characters in this experience appear to the user as texture-mapped video mixed with the physical surroundings. At any time, the user may change seats to occupy a different character's point of view and experience a different interpretation of the play. "Three Angry Men" suggests that augmented reality can be used in a new class of entertainment and informal education applications.

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MacIntyre, Blair; Bolter, Jay David; Vaughn, Jeannie; Hannigan, Brendan; Gandy, Maribeth; Moreno, Emanuel; Haas, Markus; Kang, Sin-Hwa; Krum, David and Voida, Stephen, "Three Angry Men: An Augmented-Reality Experiment in Point-of-View Drama." In Proceedings of 1st International Conference on Technologies for Interactive Digital Storytelling and Entertainment (TIDSE 2003), Darmstadt, Germany, March 24-26.

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