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Three Angry Men

paperpic missing   Single-Narrative, Multiple Point-of-View Dramatic Experiences in Augmented Reality
Researchers and practitioners working on story-based experiences in virtual environments often make two assumptions. One assumption is that, in order to be compelling, such experiences must enable the user to make significant choices that alter the outcome of the story. Another is that virtual environments constitute a revolutionary new medium and therefore that the techniques of earlier media, such as film and stage production, are no longer relevant. In designing story-based experiences in Augmented Reality, we have come to question these two assumptions. “Three Angry Men,” based on the teleplay and movie “Twelve Angry Men,” is an example of an augmented reality, dramatic experience with a fixed plot but multiple points of view.

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Blair MacIntyre and Jay David Bolter (2003). "Single-Narrative, Multiple Point-of-View Dramatic Experiences in Augmented Reality" To appear in The Journal of Virtual Reality

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