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personpic missing   Danny Muller

M.S, May 2004 Information, Design and Technology Georgia Institute of Technology


Phone: 770-719-0050

Interactive Media Technology Center
250 14th Street, N.W., GCATT Suite M
Atlanta, GA 30318

Danny is interested in how emerging technologies can be used for the purpose of storytelling. His master's thesis, "Bringing Catharsis to Video Games", examines how Aristotle's notion of catharsis in drama can be applied to modern video games with compelling results. He is also interested in using augmented reality as a means of creating unusual dramatic experiences. Danny was invited to work on the 4 ANGRY MEN project due to his background in screenwriting and motion picture production in Los Angeles. Working closely with Jay Bolter, Danny wrote a new script that explored the possibilities of 4 different points of view within the same dramatic story. The plot of 4 ANGRY MEN concerns 4 jurors who must decide the fate of a man who supposedly murdered his father. The 4 characters are a thoughtful juror, a bigoted juror, an undecided juror and a nervous juror foreman. What makes this experience so different from a movie or television drama is that the viewer gets to witness the action through the eyes of the 4 different characters, which reveals their biases and prejudices in subtle (and not so subtle) ways. Danny believes that augmented reality will allow for dramatic productions that challenge the personal space of the viewer and engage them on a personal level not possible in other media. Danny worked extensively on all aspects of the production and post production of 4 ANGRY MEN, including ADR sessions with the actors during the summer of 2004 to enhance the audio component of the experience. He also worked with local Atlantan actors to recreate the voices of persons interred in Oakland Cemetery for THE VOICES OF OAKLAND project. This latest work was done in conjuction with the Digital Arts and Entertainment Lab at Georgia State University.

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