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personpic missing   Cindy Robertson

BS Engineering - University of South Carolina, 1997
MS Computer Science - Georgia Institute of Technology, 2000

E-Mail: leistner (at)

Phone: 404-385-1104

College of Computing
801 Atlantic Drive
Atlanta, GA 30332-0280

Cindy is a PhD student in computer science with an emphasis in Augmented Reality. Her research interest lies in designing an adaptive augmentation system that uses the semantic knowledge of a scene to ameliorate the effects of registration errors.


C. Robertson and B. MacIntyre, 2003. "Adapting to Registration Error in an Intent-Based Augmentation System," In: Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications in Manufacturing, ed. S.K. Ong and A.Y.C. Nee, London, Springer Verlag, in press. [details]

Robertson, Cindy and MacIntyre, Blair. "Adapting to Registration Error in an Intent-Based Augmentation System." In ACM User Interface Software and Technology 2002 (UIST 2002), Paris, France, October 27-30, 2002. (Presented as a poster.) [details]

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