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Marco was a visiting Master's student in the AEL from July through October 2000. He developed a Java system to integrate 2D video actors as first-class objects in Java-3D, for use in dramatic AR experiences.


MacIntyre, Blair, Marco Lohse, Jay Bolter and Emmanuel Moreno. "Integrating 2D Video Actors into a 3D AR System." In Presence, 11(2): 189-202, Special Issue on Mixed Reality, April, 2002. [details]

MacIntyre, Blair, Lohse, Marco, Bolter, Jay, and Moreno, Emmanuel. “Ghosts in the Machine: Integrating 2D Video Actors into a 3D AR System.” In International Symposium on Mixed Reality , Yokohama, Japan, March 14–15, 2001. [details]

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