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personpic missing   Marleigh Norton

B.Sc. Computer Science, Film & Media Studies, MIT 1999
M.S. Human-Computer Interaction, Georgia Tech 2005


When Marleigh entered the HCI Masterís program here at Georgia Tech, she would have laughed at you if you had told her she would end up doing her masterís project at the AEL. Laughed, and then asked you what ďaugmented realityĒ meant. Her past interests and experience included studying film and computer science at MIT, building voice user interfaces, and video game design; really nothing that would particularly lead her to AR. Due to a serendipitous schedule conflict, Marleigh took the class Augmented Reality Design in the Spring of 2004 and liked the unique design space it presented. Now, she designs and builds AR video games, with an emphasis on games that could not be played in any other medium. For more information, check out her masterís project, AR Puzzle Games.

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