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personpic missing   Markus Haas

BS Computer Science, Trinity University, San Antonio Texas

E-Mail: mhaas AT

Phone: 404-385-1104

332124 Georgia Tech Station
Atlanta, GA 30332

Markus did his undergradute work at Trinity University, concentrating on Virtual Reality. Under his advisor Dr. Gerald Pitts, he worked on algorithmic methods for object generation and placement in dynamic virtual worlds. This led to his honors thesis, Dynamic Objects: A Notion of Realism in Virtual Reality Worlds. After a stint in the industry, he returned to academia at Georgia Tech. Presented with a wide array of options of what to study, he soon settled on Augmented Reality. Currently, Markus is working on experiments relating to the use of aura and presence to make better augmented reality experiences, and at a more basic level, learn what "better" really means as the term is applied to AR. This research is a part of the lab's larger focus on using augmented reality for experiential purposes, rather than just for task-based systems as has been done traditionally. For more information on our lab's presence and aura work, please look at our page for this project, Presence and Aura in AR Experiences.


MacIntyre, Blair; Bolter, Jay David; Vaughn, Jeannie; Hannigan, Brendan; Gandy, Maribeth; Moreno, Emanuel; Haas, Markus; Kang, Sin-Hwa; Krum, David and Voida, Stephen, "Three Angry Men: An Augmented-Reality Experiment in Point-of-View Drama." In Proceedings of 1st International Conference on Technologies for Interactive Digital Storytelling and Entertainment (TIDSE 2003), Darmstadt, Germany, March 24-26. [details]

Blair MacIntyre, Jay Bolter, Jeannie Vaughan, Brendan Hannigan, Emanuel Moreno, Markus Haas, and Maribeth Gandy. "Three Angry Men: Dramatizing Point-of-View using Augmented Reality." In SIGGRAPH 2002 Technical Sketches, page 268, San Antonio, TX, July 2002. [details]

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