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personpic missing   Nikitas Liogkas

M.S. in Computer Science

Nikitas is working with Blair MacIntyre and Yannis Smaragdakis, using the Kimura system as a real-world case study of J-Orchestra. J-Orchestra is an automatic application partitioning tool for Java developed by Dr. Smaragdakis and his students. In particular, Nikitas is exploring the feasibility of automatic partitioning as a new paradigm for prototyping ubiquitous applications. For more information see his personal webpage.


Liogkas, N., MacIntyre, B., Mynatt E.D., Smaragdakis, Y., Tilevich, E. & Voida, S. (2004, July-September). Automatic partitioning for prototyping ubiquitous computing applications. IEEE Pervasive Computing, 3(3), 40-47. [details]

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