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Accounting for Uncertainty in Mobile AR Systems

AIBAS: Adaptive Intent-Based Augmentation System

Alice's Adventures in New Media

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Augmented Office Environments

Augmented Reality for Poultry Inspection

Butterfly Effect

DART: The Designers Augmented Reality Toolkit

Four Angry Men

Live-Virtual Training Integration

Media Design for Augmented Reality

Presence and Aura in AR Experiences

Sweet Auburn

The Real-World Wide Web

The Voices of Oakland

Three Angry Men

projectpic missing   ARCraft
ARCraft is a real-time AR strategy game. Users compete against each other in their "real life" environments, using virutal military units. Using head tracking and wand-based interaction, each player navigates his or her fighting force around obsticles while hunting for the enemy.

Our research goal is to investigage how people can use AR to work together (or against each other) in a shared virutal space while maintaining remote physical spaces. For example, how can we represent a single work (combat) area when the viewers are in radically different environments (room size, furniture, etc).
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