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Accounting for Uncertainty in Mobile AR Systems

AIBAS: Adaptive Intent-Based Augmentation System

Alice's Adventures in New Media

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Augmented Office Environments

Augmented Reality for Poultry Inspection

Butterfly Effect

DART: The Designers Augmented Reality Toolkit

Four Angry Men

Live-Virtual Training Integration

Media Design for Augmented Reality

Presence and Aura in AR Experiences

Sweet Auburn

The Real-World Wide Web

The Voices of Oakland

Three Angry Men

projectpic missing   ARToolkit
We are working with the ARToolkit from the University of Washington HIT lab, for a variety of tracking applications. Primarily we have modified the toolkit to use with the Intel open source computer vision library (openCV) camera calibration and pose estimation.

We also have written some matlab scripts that will produce markers similar to the one above. The checkerboard stripe orients the marker, and the id is encoded in binary above (#98 is shown here). This allows for 4096 different patterns (3x4 binary matrix --> 2^12). If anyone would like to use these patterns feel free to email brendan hannigan (see his page for info). The matlab scripts generate marker images and pattern files and are extremely straightforward and flexible.
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