CANEs: Composable Active Network Elements

Quarterly Status Report

Period: September 11, 1999 - December 11, 1999


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Accomplishments in the Quarter

We participated in the Team 4 DARPA demo in September in Washington, DC. Matt Sanders provided considerable coordination support to get equipment shipped to and from the demo site and to get software installed and working for the demos. Ken Calvert coordinated the Team 4 presentation that accompanied the demo. Our demonstration was an ambitious integration of components from different projects. We were able to demonstrate interoperability of CANEs/Bowman with the UMass/TASC active error recovery and WAN emulators from NIST. For the November 2000 demos, we will demonstrate the improvements in multicast video transmission quality achievable by such an active networking system.

We led discussions of the Architecture (Calvert) and Composable Services (Zegura) documents at the November PI meeting in Albuquerque.

We completed two papers for publication in March 2000, a Bowman paper to appear in Infocom'00 and a paper on network query and synthesis to appear in OpenArch'00. We have begun thinking about improvements to our virtual topology instantiation protocol to allow scalable virtual networks. The main idea is to divide responsibility for virtual topology creation across managers, one per domain. The managers communicate with one another for the high-level structure, and then instantiate the necessary local topology.

We released an alpha version of Bowman and CANEs on our website in November 1999. We are aware that the following groups have copies of the code: TASC/UMass, U. of Illinois, UC-Santa Cruz, BBN and Utah.

Publications and Presentations


Administrative Issues

None to report.

Plans for Next Quarter

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