CANEs: Composable Active Network Elements

Quarterly Status Report

Period: December 11, 1999 - March 11, 2000


Georgia Tech Faculty and Staff: University of Kentucky Faculty: GTE Laboratories: Research Assistants:

Accomplishments in the Quarter

Prepared and presented a demonstration on the use of CANEs for an intelligent firewall application. The application allows dynamic addition and deletion of rules for packets to pass/drop at the firewall, based on packet header matching. This application exercises most of the basic pieces of the CANEs and Bowman platform. The demonstration was given at the CANEs/ActiveCast site visit in Lexington, KY. The application will be included in a suite of examples on the use of CANEs, to be included in the CANEs final release.

Analyzed the decomposition of the AER/NCA protocols to extract a better understanding of how the current CANEs model and implementation provides support for complex applications. This analysis will lead to proposed additions and changes to CANEs to provide better support. (See Plans for the Next Quarter in this area.)

Agreed to host the Fall 2000 DARPA Active Networking program demonstrations at Georgia Tech. Began initial planning for facilities and technical support for the demonstrations.

Publications and Presentations


Administrative Issues

None to report.

Plans for Next Quarter

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