CANEs: Composable Active Network Elements

Quarterly Status Report

Period: June 11, 1998 - September 11, 1998


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Accomplishments in the Quarter

We extended our investigations into active support mechanisms for multicast congestion control.  Our
results (obtained using our simulator AN-Sim), show that active mechanisms have significant advantages
over "traditional" receiver-based congestion controlmechanisms from the standpoint of reaction to the onset and easing of congestion and of maximizing the utility of delivered data at  each receiver.  These results are reported  in a paper submitted to Infocom '99.

We hosted  the July Active Nets Workshop in Atlanta.  Calvert led discussion of the remaining issues with the architectural framework document, and the resolution of those issues.  The document is now in "Last Call" stage.  Zegura presented a proposal for creating virtual topologies for the ABONE.

We wrote a tutorial article describing the architectural framework along with applications for active networks, which will appear in the  October 1998 issue of IEEE Communications Magazine.
We continued our investigations of  active support for wide-area server selection, management techniques for soft state at active nodes, fast packet classification for active routers, and automated virtual topology creation and management, as well as design and implementation of the CANEs environment.

Publications and Presentations


Administrative Issues

Ken Calvert moved to the Department of Computer Science at the University of Kentucky in August.  A collaboration plan has been submitted to Hilarie Orman, Program Manager, and a subcontract is under negotiation.

Carmen Emily Zegura was born 23 August, to Ellen and Dan Zegura.

These two events will have some effect on our progress, but we have taken steps that we believe are adequate to ensure that it is temporary and minimized. The PIs remain in regular contact with each other and with students.

Plans for Next Quarter

Students Bhattacharjee and Dixon plan to spend at approximately two weeks each at the University of Kentucky, working with Calvert.  These visits will occur in November or  December.  They will focus on implementation of the  CANEs platform and on fast packet-demux techniques for the NodeOS.

We will continue our investigation of active congestion control techniques for multicast video, as well as our investigations into soft-state management techniques.

Ken Calvert

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