CANEs: Composable Active Network Elements

Quarterly Status Report

Period: June 11, 1999 - September 11, 1999


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Accomplishments in the Quarter

We conducted a set of experiments on the performance of Bowman, our NodeOS that is constructed by layering active-networking functionality over UNIX. The packet processing path implemented in Bowman incorporates an efficient and flexible packet classification algorithm, supports multi-threaded per-flow processing, and utilizes real-time processor scheduling to achieve deterministic performance in user-space. We found that Bowman was able to sustain 100 Mbps throughput while forwarding IP packets over fast Ethernets. This work was submitted (and subsequently accepted) to Infocom'00.

We dedicated a considerable amount of effort during the quarter to preparations for the September demos in Arlington, VA. We were in frequent contact with Team 4 members at U. of Massachusetts and TASC, as well as occasional contact with team members at U. of Illinois and UC-Santa Cruz. We collaborated closely with UMass/TASC on the implementation of their AER protocol in the CANEs EE using Bowman as the NodeOS.

We implemented a new application within CANEs. Our Iterative Gather-Compute-Scatter (IGCS) implementation provides a method to query and synthesize network information with constrained programmability. Such a capability is important for situations in which the usual "black box" interface to network topology is limited. Examples of such situations include deployment of active networking functionality to strategic points (e.g., upstream from a lossy link) or the construction of a secure overlay topology on a network with selective support for IP security. We have tested the method on an example that queries the links on a path, and we have compared the active solution to an end-to-end solution. This work was submitted (and subsequently accepted) to OpenArch'00.

The senior student on the CANEs project, Bobby Bhattacharjee, completed his PhD at Georgia Tech and started as an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland.

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