for Update Monitoring with Logistics Applications

Oregon Graduate Institute


The Continual Queries project is sponsored by DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency under the Advanced Logistics Program (ALP).

The Continual Queries project aims at investigating the update monitoring problems in wide-area distributed information systems and developing tools for building intelligent and adaptive sentinels in distributed open environments such as Internet or intranets. We experiment the results of Continual Queries project with logistics applications and explore research issues for combining conventional pull-based query answering services with push-based query monitoring services.

Main Components of the CQ Systems

CQEDITOR, a high level language for specifying CQ queries, triggers, and stop conditions, and building a virtual object view over registered information sources. Overview Examples of Continual Queries
CQODM, the CQ Object Model, a web-page oriented data model which describe the organization of a web site as an object with an identifier (the URL), a capability description, and a set of attributes such as component list, component type (e.g., text, image, links to other pages, forms, list of records, nested lists) and so on. Overview Examples of the ODM Schemes
CQTEM, the CQ Time-based Event Monitor which provides event triggering capability based on the time intervel or time point. For example, notify me every 5 hours the weather changes in Mount Hood area. Overview Examples of the Time-based Event Triggers
CQCEM, the CQ content-based Event Monitor, which support content-based event triggering capability. For example, notify me whenever the average storage level of uniform X drops to 200 units. Overview Examples of the Content-based Event Triggers
CQPACK, a language to combine and generate complex hypertextual view of the results of queries obtained from multiple, remote, and possibly heterogeneour data soucees. Overview Examples of the Schemes for Query Result Packaging
CQALERT, the CQ alert notification controller, which reports the update monitoring results in specific forms according to user profiles and on-demand preference. Overview Examples of the CQALERT Schemes
CQWRAP, a CQ wrapper meta language for searching and cnstructuring regions or components of interest in a document or in a data source object. For example, it wraps HTML pages of interest to build database structures for processing CQ queries over the HTML pages of the data sources. Overview Examples of the ODM Schemes

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