This software is an implementation of PeerCQ that is a Peer-to-Peer information monitoring system. In the first prototype, we focuses mainly on developing a working Peer-to-Peer infrastructure for Internet scale information monitoring services. This implementation is done as master's project at College of Computing in Georgia Institute of Technology. This download page includes a readme for building and running the software, java documentation, and a specified documentation for interested users to test and to modify the source code as well as archive files and source code of each version. In later version, we are planning to improve the infrastructure into more reliable, and robust system through employing a more refined service partition scheme and a replication scheme for providing effective failure handling. We will append improved versions at download page soon.

Currently, version 0.5 is available. Click here to go to download page.

If you need more information to test or improve code, please refer to the documentation of implementation for more detail.

If you have any questions regarding the software, contact us by

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