Personalized Information Change Monitoring and Notification Service

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What WebCQ can do for you
  • Monitoring and tracking various types of changes to static and dynamic web pages
  • Personalized delivery of change notifications
  • Personalized summarization and prioritization of Web page changes
  • Web page structure analysis

How WebCQ works
  • Object extraction algorithms are explored to locate, identify objects of interest in web pages
  • Change detection algorithms are used to detect changes to arbitrary objects in the web pages of interest
  • Difference generation algorithms are exploited to compute how a page is changed and what are the types of changes
  • Difference presentation mechanisms are explored to provide richer and pleasant display of changes
  • Proxy cache service is provided to minimize access latency, reduce the workload of remote information servers, and achieve higher robustness of the WebCQ change monitoring service
  • Notification service is offered with a set of enhanced capabilities to provide both server-initiated push delivery and client-initiated pull delivery of changes

Who we are

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