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Welcome to XWRAP Elite Web Site

XWRAP Elite is an XML-enabling software tool that can automatically generate wrapper programs for Web information sources. The toolkit includes three components: Object and Element Extraction, Filter Interface Extraction, Code Generation.

The wrapper programs are generated as Java classes. Each wrapper includes modules such as remote page retrieval, object boundary discovery, object extraction, element extraction, XML generation, XML query and filtering. The wrappers generated by XWRAP Elite has two distinct features:

  • data wrapping - It can turn an HTML Web document into an XML document with a DTD attached.
  • functional wrapping - It can filter the Web page(s) of interest and deliver the filtered results in XML with a result DTD.

Check out the Overview for a comprehensive introduction to the XWRAP Elite service and visit the Walkthrough and Examples pages for a warm-up touch of the toolkit. If you want to learn more about the XWRAP Elite service, you may click on the documentation to read our publication on XWRAP technology and up-to-date reference documents. To generate or download a wrapper program for your favorate Web sites, check our server site, Elite service.


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Last updated: April 06, 2000.