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Paul Camp
Research Scientist

More Info:

Research Interests

Curriculum innovator primarily following a workshop or directed inquiry model in physics and physical science at all levels. Also interested in general relativity, particularly in astrophysical and cosmological settings. Innovative use of technology in education.


  • Created portions of and facilitated implementation of the Learning By Design curriculum for middle school physical science developed by the EduTech Institute at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • Created, secured funding for, and wrote new inquiry-based curricula for improvement of both introductory calculus-based physics and physical science for education majors. Evaluated curriculum using force & motion conceptual tests.
  • Created and designed interactive exhibits as volunteer consultant for the South Carolina Children's Museum illustrating principles of physics in sports.
  • Created activities and wrote textbook for honors laboratory course in special and general relativity.
  • Created upper level courses in Electronics and Modern Physics.
  • Computer and electronics consulting and troubleshooting with the School of Science and associated research centers.
  • Explored curvature-based modifications to quantum field theory in the context of quantum cosmological models. Learned and used symbolic manipulation packages, especially Maple, to assist in the analysis.
  • Developed and constructed physics lab computers with A/D converters out of spare parts and castoffs.
  • Designed equipment and developed activities involving the use of inexpensive UVB radiometers for research projects in the public schools.
  • Skilled technical writer, trainer and troubleshooter.

Learning by Design™ • Georgia Institute of Technology • 801 Atlantic • Atlanta, GA 30332-0280 • lbd@cc.gatech.edu