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What is Plexicon

Simply put Plexicon is a Programming Lexicon; a collection of programming terms, concepts, and examples. This Plexicon engine is a java program which interfaces with an Apache web server and a mySQL database.

The main page for using the Plexicon can be found here


How is Plexicon different from a normal technical dictionary

Plexicon focuses on abstract programming concepts rather than on concrete implementation specific theaters. For example, while the term standard-out is well understood in the world of programming it would not appear in the Plexicon as such. Rather, the Plexicon would contain an entry concerning output redirection. This is a more abstract and general concept which allows the user to more easily adapt the technique to a variety of platforms.


What does the Plexicon currently focus on

Currently the Plexicon has focused on idea centered around parsing and translation. This is to assist the Georgia Tech student currently enrolled in the CS2130 class. While this is the current focus of Plexicon it is intended to be expanded to include all programming concepts.