Cooperative Radio

Our application is a cooperative radio station. Currently, we have a Swiki on which users can upload WAV, AIF, or MIDI files and can edit a PlayList. We have a JukeBox process reading the playlist and playing the files through Mac audio and an external MIDI synthesizer. The output of the Mac audio and the external MIDI synthesizer is piped into an FM Transmitter. This gives us a cooperative radio.

While the FM Transmitter is the maximum power allowed without an FCC License (under Section 15 rules), it's still pretty low-powered. Because of machine rooms, fire walls, and the like, we can't reach most of our College building. We've built an AM Transmitter, but it's really hard to get as clear a signal with AM.

So, now we're exploring putting the JukeBox process on each users' desk. Aibek Musaev is building a Squeak JukeBox that reads the playlists and all files off the Web, and does the MIDI synthesis from Squeak. Cross-platform is a "must" here -- we run the whole range in this building.

Project by Mark Guzdial and Aibek Musaev

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