Novice Debugger

We have developed a cool new debugger which is easier to use and gives more useful info. This debugger may save you some pain and some time.

  • It has buttons for stepping, sending, etc.
  • It shows EVERY message during execution and gives the values of intermediate objects, arguments and returned objects.
  • It shows the class each message was found in, and the classes it had to look through to find it.

    Download it by saving the file: NoviceDebugger.cs and filing it in.

    Using It
    Give it a try by executing (in a workspace):
    Debugger test1

    Right-click (option-click on Macs) in the Notifier window that appears and choose. In Morphic, simply click on debug.
    Select the line in the message stack (the topmost area of the debugger) that says 'test1'.
    Click the 'step over' button, then click any combination of step and 'send into'. Step executes the message while send goes into the source code for the method (which you can then execute).

    What It Does
    Each time you step, it shows the result in the 'Last Message sent' area above the step button. To the right the class the method was found in will be highlighted. The other classes are the hierarchy that had to be searched to find the method.

    By the way, the 'self halt' thing is REALLY useful to figure out what your code is doing.

    If you have feedback or questions, please e-mail me at
    Ashley Taylor, PhD student and cs2390 TA

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