Faculty retreat

For Prospective Faculty

We look forward to getting to know you, and to learning more about your scholarship and creativity. We'd also like to tell you about the College of Computing, to give you a sense of the support, the opportunities and the community you will find here.

Georgia Tech is an elite research university where faculty sit at the center of our mission. We are known for our groundbreaking research in multiple subfields of computing, for our state-of-the-art facilities, our support for entrepreneurship, and for the work ethic and career success of our students. Our strengths include:

  • Deep investments in interdisciplinary research.
  • A tremendous range of degree programs, including field-changing online programs and courses.
  • Faculty- and family-friendly policies.
  • Seed funding and programs to support faculty entrepreneurship.
  • Atlanta, a city with a deep and diverse culture, a fast-growing job market, and a booming tech sector.

Georgia Tech is committed to tenure, the protection of academic freedom, and faculty oversight. Through a system of shared governance, the faculty and administration are working closely together to achieve the missions of the institute, practice our values, and affirm our commitment to faculty's role in education, research, and to faculty status. In the case of recent revisions to Faculty Evaluation Processes, you can see our values practiced in our collaborative process for complying with University System of Georgia guidelines.

You can learn more about Georgia Tech's larger mission and its commitments by reading the Institute Strategic Plan. We hope you find this page informative, and we hope you will join our vibrant community of intellectual inquiry and leadership.

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Interdisciplinary Research

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Academics and Online Education



The Institute has multiple programs and resources for faculty who are interested in creating their own start-up or otherwise commercializing their research.

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Faculty- and Family-Friendly Policies

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