Undergraduate Research - Research Symposium

Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 UROC Symposium!


First Place ($500):
Sam Kim
Can Lattice Cryptography be Practical? Advisors: Chris Peikert and Eric Crockett

Second Place ($250):
Zhefan Ye
Detecting Eye Contact Using Wearable
Eye-Tracking Glasses
Advisors: Yin Li, Agata Rozga, Gregory D. Abowd, James M. Rehg

Third Place ($100):
Alexander W. Clegg
Flock Control Techniques for Visual Effects
Advisor: Greg Turk


First Place:
George Johnston
Improving Event Clustering Using Crowdsourcing
Advisor: Mark Riedl

Second Place:
Farzon Lotfi, Surenkumar Nihalani, and Baris Arin
Using the Cloud as an Energy Efficient Computational Accelerator
Advisor: Hyesoon Kim

Third Place:
Eric Fruchter
Analysis of Game Mechanics in the Scrolling Shooter Genre
Advisors: Mark Riedl & Alexander Zook

Congrats to all the winners and their advisors!

Thanks to,

Our judges:
Hyesoon Kim, Greg Turk, Andrew Miller, Arindam Khan,
George Baah, Joon Kim, Shauvik Roy Choudhary,
Srikanth Sundaresan, Sudarsun Kannan

Our dedicated staff, especially: Kemonta Gray & Monica Ross

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