Sastry V. Nanduri Graduate Fellowship Fund

The Sastry V. Nanduri Graduate Fellowship Fund honors a truly remarkable man who was an inspiration to his family, his team, and the Silicon Valley community. This fellowship fund will provide enduring resources to support students pursuing a graduate degree in the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where Sastry received his Master’s degree in 1993.


A headshot of Sastry Nanduri.



Sastry Nanduri was an entrepreneurial technologist who thrived on creating innovative solutions to solve real-world problems. He was a Georgia Tech computer science alumnus who was passionate about using technology to make a difference in peoples’ lives. Over the course of his career, Sastry built a wide range of market-leading products and tools, including ERwin, the world's most popular data modeling software, an award-winning enterprise analytics platform, and a virtual healthcare platform, among many things.

His core expertise was in scalable architectures, big data, artificial intelligence, and search. During his career, he held a number of top executive roles, from vice president of engineering at Wellsphere to executive vice president and chief technology (CTO) of Health Central. However, beginning in August 2010, Nanduri embarked on his most robust and recognizable role by co-founding HealthTap, a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, where he served as CTO.

At HealthTap, Nanduri oversaw the development of HealthTap HOPES, the first fully integrated healthcare operating system, linking the entire continuum of care (including EMRs, devices, and apps) to an individual’s personal health record. HOPES, combined with HealthTap’s proprietary triaging technology, enables hospital systems, insurance companies, employers, and governments worldwide to deliver the right care at the right time at the right cost.

As a mentor and a teacher, Nanduri always emphasized the role of technology in helping people everywhere live healthier happier longer lives.

In his own words: 

"I love machine learning, I love predictive modeling, NLP, Big Data. But, it's not just the use of good technology, it's the fact that we're taking this cutting edge technology and applying it to big practical problems and saving lives every day. That is what inspires me, that is what inspires everyone in this organization." - Sastry Nanduri, HealthTap Promotional Video, 2014




With his big heart, big mind, and big smile, Sastry embodied the values that will make every computer scientist the success they aspire to be - caring, dedicated, and wise. 

As a mentor and a teacher he always emphasized the role of technology in helping people everywhere live healthier happier, longer lives. His work at HealthTap is a testament to his ambition, aspiration and  dedication to making game changing contribution through technology.  His work will serve generations of Americans and people around the world.