SciVis Lab Peripheral Device List.

Here's a list of peripheral devices (e.g. tape drives, CD-ROM drives, etc.) you will find in the Georgia Tech SciVis Lab. The list provides the device names of these devices, which can sometimes seem elusive. Other peripherals are available in the GVU lab.

SGI Workstations:

If there's only one tape drive on an SGI, it's usually called /dev/tape.

   Name       Device                       Device Name
   ---------  ---------------------------  ---------------------------
   flash      CD-ROM                       /dev/scsi/sc0d4l0    (/CDROM)
   dash       CD-ROM                       /dev/scsi/sc1d2l0    (/CDROM)
              SyQuest EZflyer 230MB        /dev/scsi/sc1d3l0
              iOmega Jaz drive             /dev/scsi/sc1d2l0
   jiggy                                   /dev/scsi/sc0d1l0
   speedy                                  /dev/scsi/sc0d1l0  

Color Printers

For information on the printer, rainbow, see Color Printing Procedures.