Euler Analysis of a Helicopter Rotor Running in Hover

A view just aft of the rotor trailing edge. The rotor runs from the left to right, as shown by the green body. The red body is the nacelle. Shown here are velocity vectors for a no-inflow case. This means that the wake from the rotors is not included. If they were, the horizontal arrows beneath the rotor would point down.

The same location as before, a plot of vorticity magnitude in the plane of the picture (rotations have been extracted).

Pressures at the lower outflow boundary (i=100).

Project Description

The figures are based on an Euler analysis of a rotor and nacelle running in hover at a tip Mach number of 0.52. This code is multi-zoned and can run rotating and non-rotating zones. All analysis was done using Plot3D in the SciVis Lab.

Project Members